About US

Welcome to ‘Accidental Trippers’.

We are Deepak and Sheetal, a couple passionate about our work, travel, and life in general. We work in the IT industry for a living. With our vacation days, weekends and long weekends we travel, from a day trip to weekend gateways, enjoying a day out at a carnival to week-long breaks to mesmerizing destinations around the world.
Originally from India, we relocated to The Netherlands for work. We traveled in India a little, a few day trips and sometimes one or two weeks in a year. After our first year of traveling together, we realized how happy and liberated we felt, and we promised ourselves to take regular breaks and travel.

As the saying goes, life is what happens when you are busy making plans. After a 360 degree turn of events, we landed in “foreign lands” in August 2015.

After moving to The Netherlands and falling in love with the (in)famous weather, we started our journey slow. We realized we could spread our wings and explore. One destination at a time. Of course being in Europe and having a Schengen visa helped tremendously. Our love for traveling consciously and seriously was born. 10 European countries and countless adventures later, here we are, wanting to share the amazing experience with you all.

Accidental Trippers is a travel journal to share some personal experiences. We strongly believe that travel shaped us as a person and a couple. We learnt a lot about the world/surroundings, about ourselves and life in general. Our minds and horizons widened a lot! We haven’t even scratched the surface of the earth and there is so much more, but we realized that as there is a work-life balance, there can also be a travel life balance.

This journal is for us to remember our love for travel and the way we did. We hope it also inspires some of you. We try to remind ourselves that it is possible to explore and travel with a regular job; more than once a year and it doesn’t need to be super expensive!

So let’s get a cup of coffee (or tea) and start exploring!